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The villa is located on the outskirts of  Elounda village in a peaceful settlement called “Mavrikiano”. Elounda (1.5 km) and Agios Nikolaos (12 km) are the closest major towns, definitely worth-visiting, as they are known around the world for their beauty and where guests can find all kinds of daily amenities, restaurants and cafes. Elounda is famous for its luxurious accommodation options that host celebrities from all over the world, but apart from its glamorous character, Elounda has to offer visitors some of the most beautiful landscapes in Crete.

Plaka is located opposite the entrance of the Elounda lagoon, 3.9 km away from the villa, in one of the most beautiful spots of the entire island boasting wonderful views to Spinaloga. You can find several traditional taverns and lovely old houses, which give you the impression that time has stopped a century ago.

A visit to Spinaloga is also a must, as it is a significant historical attraction of Crete. The history of the island still inspires awe. It has been a Venetian fortress; a castle colony; a rebel refuge; a communication link with Cairo during the Second World War. Also known as the Island of the Lepers, Spinalonga was the place where all lepers from Crete and the rest of the country were quarantined until 1957. For many decades it remained unexploited. 

However, following the growing tourist interest, the state started the systematic restoration and repair of the old buildings, fortified Venetians walls, old residences and streets on the islet. The Ministry of Culture has requested the inclusion of Spinalonga in the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments List. From a structural and architectural point of view as well as given the aesthetics of the landscape as a whole, the island still retains an unsurpassed beauty.


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